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2/3. Hays, Knight come up just short fishing same area

If either (Hays,Knight) had the area to himself, maybe he could’ve won. Yet, despite sharing the same area and sometimes fishing within 30 yards of one another, both Dylan Hays and Brad Knight still felt they both had the bites to win. That’s how good their area was.

“If you look at my and Dylan’s fish, and our co-anglers, you’re looking at almost 300 pounds of bass being weighed from that area,” Knight says. “And that doesn’t include all the ones we threw back.”

Fishing within earshot of Grigsby on the southern Canadian side, the two had a few hundred-yard area with a magic combination of sand, patches of weeds and a lot of bait. How they went about fishing there, though, differed ever so slightly.

For Hays, he did the majority of his damage dragging a Z-Man Finesse TRD on a mushroom head from Mustad.

Regardless of the technique, the two would drift around until they found small schools.

“When you would hit a school, it was like ledge fishing,” Knight says. “You’d quickly cast back on the same spot and catch a few more. Everything tended to come in flurries.”

Unfortunately for both on Sunday, those flurries lacked the quality that had the previous days. Knight had the first flurry, which included a 5-pounder, but that’d be the only big one he’d catch all day. Meanwhile, Hays caught 4-pounder after 4-pounder for a while, never being able to truly cull up enough to hold off Grigsby.